Hello PT

I've been SUPER bust wt work, another 50+ hour week this week, so I haven't been on much...but my Kyubey needs some good PT vibes.

He has been losing weight for a few weeks now, and at first I blamed Katie. She's a food hog AND she keeps him running around like crazy. So I put out more food, and in two different places so he has easy access to it...but he kept losing weight.

When the diarrhea started, we made him an appointment to see the white-coats.

I assumed they would find worms, so I brought a fecal sample....no worms. Uh oh. Bloodwork showed that he has a pretty serious infection going on, and X-rays showed a LOT of inflammation in his GI tract. Luckily, there is no sign of a blockage, foreign body, or mass on the X-rays.

So he got fluids and injectable antibiotics, plus he was sent home with his old nemesis....clavamox! He HATES the stuff. Last night he was too tired and feeling too crummy to put up much of a fight, but I think he was feeling better tonight because I almost couldn't get it into him!

Sadly, he has lost almost a pound. He was 8lbs last time we brought him in, so that's more than 10% of his body weight. I was worried that he'd have a hard time keeping warm, so today I got him a heated cat bed, and he LOVES it, so I think I was right.

Hubby says Kyubey's appetite seemed better today, which is good. Unfortunately, the clavamox seems to be making his diarrhea worse. I'm going to get up early and call the vet and see if I can get him more fluids.

I HATE feeling so helpless....now that I KNOW how sick he is, I can see it and I wonder how I didn't see it before. I feel awful for delaying, and I'm hoping he feels better asap, my poor little guy.

Here he is in his heated bed:

Jasper tried to get into that bed earlier, which was quite a scene...Kyubey weighs 7lbs, Jasper weight 25!