Currently my older sister is living in my house. She's in a program that helps her get back into society after being in prison for the better part of the last decade for fraud and other money related crimes. Anyway, she's asked if she can adopt two kittens from the humane society and I said yes because I probably would eventually have brought in a cat or two because I just bought my house and I have no pet restrictions now because I don't rent. One is going to be named Lily, a sweet dilute torti. The other is a hyper exotic-looking black and white beast of a boy cat I can't wait to get pictures of. He's going to be "mine" although I told my sister its her cat because when she can move to her own place she isn't going to split them up so they're both hers. The boy needs a name though. My sister, for some reason, doesn't like his current name of Pillsbury because she says it should be a fat cat with that name. We've already got the typical suggestions of Oreo and Sylvester and other black and white things and neither of us care for. I like exotic names, but she picks more simple/typical pet names. So we need people to throw some names at us. Are you up for the challenge?