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    HI Guardian! It's hard to believe that you got in so much trouble with such a sweet looking face! Happy DOTD!
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    Beautiful Guardian!

    Hi Guardian! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart! What a lovely feature photo that is, with so many fall colors to be seen in your sparking, copper colored eyes, your coat, even that stick! You truly were a diamond in the rough, and all along your human knew it! Through the toughest of times she stood by you, never giving up, and never giving in when everyone else was telling her to let you go! And oh, just look how far you've come over the years! Just goes to show you the magic of time, patience and unconditional love! It took a bit of tweaking before your Mom would find the key to unlock your true inner spirit, but find it she did, and what a happy beginning was to be had for all...even for your Grandma, hehe! Just look at you shine! As most of us here know, Border Collies are one intelligent, high energy breed that loves to work, and I can see that you sure know how to give that Frisbee a workout, earning some ribbons in the process! We are so grateful to your Mom for refusing to enter the shelter that big day of decision, turning her back on the door but not on YOU, and how well her kindness and devotion, her dedication has been rewarded! In you, Guardian, your human has been blessed with 8 wonderful years of love and companionship, and I hope for you and for her many, many more! Thanks to your Mom for sharing your heartwarming, uplifting, inspirational life story with us, and so many precious pics! You're the best, Guardian, and so very worthy of your Dog of the Day, each and every day, honors! Hope you're having a fun day, sweetheart, celebrating with your Mom and pup pals, being spoiled rotten! And continued good luck to you in your Disc Dog competitions! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Guardian!P.S...Love your vids! Awww, prayers and bubbles!!!♥

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    Hello Guardian, Happy DOG OF THE DAY to you handsome boy.
    I've always thought in order to train a dog, one must first be smarter than the pup and
    of course have lots of patience. I think you have both qualities & also lots of love.
    I am so happy that it all worked out for both of you. Enjoy your special day sweet boy.
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    You're a handsome boy Guardian!!! Congrats on being DOTD!
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