Maybe this is the sad songs and beer talking (I had one, just ONE)...

Anyway, my ex and I got back together about a month ago. We went out for nearly 5 months and broke up for nearly 6..but we got back together towards the end of August. I really wanted to. I missed him a lot and the break-up annoyed me. It's a long story and it's just really complicated. I was scared of getting back together because I will be moving away (well maybe) within the next year...that's the plan anyway. I didn't want to put him over my career and maybe that sounds selfish but I've always told myself I'd always choose that over a guy. So yesterday, after a month together, I broke up with him again. He wasn't mad. I was crying a lot (Wow I sound like a baby, don't I?)and he was trying to tell me it's okay just because he didn't want to see me crying. He actually kind of agreed with it and we're still friends. There is also a feeling from me that he wasn't "the one", in some ways we just weren't compatible. But I cared about him a lot and I think he deserves the best. He isn't a bed person.

This time, I broke up with him and it was just an awful feeling. I "know" its the right thing but right now it just doesn't feel like it. He was my first serious "one" and we had a lot of firsts and I just feel sad about it. I think about him a lot.

Sorry, I just felt the need to rant.