Go figure! This girl is 10 years old and was spayed at the age of 7 months. However, she had always done this "quivering tail thing" when she was excited; you know, turning her butt towards a wall or furniture, lifting her tail up in the air, shaking her butt... only without the spraying part (I think over the past 10 years it happened three or four times that a little urine came out). But now, it happens more frequently, I found urine sprayed against a door the other day, and twice against the drawers of a cabinet. The strange thing is, the liquid is not smelly!

I don't think it's Luna who's doing that, because - even though she's dealing with litter box issues all her life - I have never seen her showing this spraying procedure; she would just sit down and pee or poop onto the floor (which is bad enough, but I've learned to live with that, and usually it's easy to clean). I'm pretty sure it's Lily because I saw her doing this little quivering tail dance all the time. But I wonder why it's now that she actually started spraying! Did it take her 10 years to figure out how to do it? Are there any medical conditions? Or is it a behavior thing? A few days ago, she seems to have decided she's the ruler of our house as she claims my part of the bed and complains when I'm in there; she wants it for herself. So she's definitely power-tripping, so I wonder if the spraying thing has something to do with that?