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Thread: House woes. (May I rant?) - UPDATE

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    House woes. (May I rant?) - UPDATE

    I wrote up a long post a few days ago about how much everything is going wrong lately. I ended up deleting it because I felt weird having it all out on the internet, but I am so fed up right now.

    So, long story short my mother sold this house and my boyfriend and I have until closing date (29th of Nov) to find a new place to live. We might get 30 extra days, but its not confirmed. We have been searching for a new place since before the beginning of October and so far all we have gotten is false hope. As we expected, the majority of people we call about rentals say "no pets". The thing that gets me is the amount of people who say they will consider pets, we set up a day and time to view the house, and then on that day they either drop off the face of the earth and don't answer our phone calls or they tell us they have already rented it out to someone else.

    We always recite the same info about how all of our pets are spayed and neutered, completely potty trained, Towser stays in his crate while we are gone, is being trained to be a therapy dog, doesn't bark, etc.

    I hate it that people who are not responsible for their pets have ruined it for those of us who are. I told one lady that Towser is 100% potty trained (which he is) and she gave me a look like "yeah, right". One man was fine with a dog, but an "absolutely not" when asked if cats were okay. Apparantly the last tenant had an issue with their cat marking its territory. A lot of people are downright rude when telling you absolutely no pets. I understand, I am sure they have had a lot of problems with people not taking care of their property... I just wish they could see how well we keep our house. The vast majority of visitors think we only have 2 cats and a dog. We constantly get compliments that our house smells great, and that they never would have guessed that we have any animals in the first place.

    What really gets me is we have a family friend who owns rentals with her husband. We have known her for years and years... at one point she was like a sister to me. She spent countless summers at our house and knows we take great care of our pets. They stated that they would waive their no pet policy for us when we began our search. That was when they had no rentals available. Now that they have two available, they make excuses like "we would rather rent to people who have kids". Seriously? SERIOUSLY? During the past month we have viewed dozens of places for rent, and the majority of ones that were rented by previous tenants that had kids have stained up carpets and crayon on the walls. I'm not saying all kids are like that, my mum would have never tolerated that nonsense.

    We did go look at one yesterday where the couple seemed okay with pets. We chatted for a bit and I told the lady about how we use softclaws on our cats, which she really seemed to like the idea of (she is very against declawing, which is great). We are sending her our application on Monday and then fingers crossed from there... I sure don't have my hopes up, though.

    Its insane. We have the money, we are good people, we don't party and we take great care of everything we own. Both of us are extremely clean people. Really, all we do is work our butts off and come home, clean, exercise the mutt, then hit the sack. We aren't asking for much, just a small place that can give us some peace of mind.

    (Looks like this turned into a "life is not fair" pity party. Sorry about that.)
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