I didn't post much on here early yesterday; later, I did post more on Fb, but for those not on there:

Good-by Tony-pup. May God bless you.
Tony escaped from the fenced in back yard here at Dad's house early this morning This was not the first time he'd escaped, nor the 6th, he was quite the little escape artist. This time, he managed to open the gate! Not done that before. He was hit by a car and killed instantly. I found him by the side of the road, whomever hit him at least moved him to the side. Feel badly for that person, too, they likely never saw him till the last moment. He had no collar or tags or harness on as he escaped from the back yard, so nothing else the person could do.

Tony was just 3 years old, lived with me a bit over 2.5 months. I really can't believe this, what an awful morning. When I found him (after looking for 45 minutes), I picked him up and drove him home, set him on the lawn, and took each of the other 3 out one at a time to say their goodbys. Took him to a local vet here for group cremation and burial. All over and done and back home at 9

Tasha is missing him quite a bit, Tony was her play pal. They had great play battles together and I kept meaning to capture that on camera; I never realized time was so short. Of the 3, she was the one who sniffed at him the longest yesterday morning, and then looked at me with such a sad look. She has whined several times since. I have only just realized, I'll have to break the news to all the folks / dogs we see regularly at 'farm walk,' Bridgham Farm, when we travel back home. Skippy, Tony's BFF, and his family, oh dear.

I didn't sleep much all night, just have images playing over and over in my mind. I TRY to picture him as he was ALIVE, happy and smiling, that cuddly pup with the huge paws, but it is so hard to do that just now. I was in shock most of yesterday, today I am finally moving to the next stage, the tearing and crying. I've lost many pets in my 55 years, old age, illness, NEVER have I lost one like this. It really is horrid. I was home from the local vet yesterday morning and just sitting staring blankly for half an hour before I realized I was covered in blood, had to go change.

This whole episode is a nightmare, I wish I would wake up and find it is not true.