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Thread: High pH and urinary cyrstals (update post #9)

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    High pH and urinary cyrstals (update post #9)

    So I while back I switched Clover to Taste of the Wild bison and venison food. Shortly after she started licking her paws a lot so I figured it was the chicken in the food, she's licked her feet before while on chicken food. So I switched to the lamb formula. Since then, she's been licking more, licking her vulva constantly and recently had been having trouble peeing. I got some tests done and her urine had high pH and crystals. I got meds, and a retest and it's higher now. They tell me I need some really expensive vet food. I kinda feel the vets don't tell me the entire truth cause they want to sell the food. So I'm wondering if I switched back to Blue fish and potato would that make a difference? She was doing well on the food until she stopped eating it but I think it was just from the heat of the summer...

    Any suggestions? I also think this new diet is chicken based so if she does have an allergy I'm not really sure what I can do there...
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