Hi everyone, I'm a former poster with a question. We adopted a dog on Saturday. Her name is Phoebe Buffay, she's a 1.5 year old American Bulldog. Over the weekend she didn't poop at all, then on Monday she finally had her first stool and it was normal. Yesterday was her first day alone in the house and she had diarrhea all over the kitchen. Last night we put her in her kennel to sleep and when we woke up the poor girl had pooped all over the kennel and had it all over herself! She went to the bathroom a little while ago and her stool is still really soft. She's on the same food, so I don't think that is an issue. I'm sure it's just all the stress of being in a new home. I'm hesistant to take her to the vet right now only because I worry about stressing her out even more. She has an appoinment for next week to get a checkup and UTD on her shots, however if I notice any other changes I will take her in ASAP. She is acting normal in every other way. I bought her some white rice and chicken breasts to boil for her dinner tonight. Is there anything else I should be doing for her?

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