I got a new pup last Thursday. I'd been looking for one since before Autumn died because in my mind it would have been nice if the new pup knew Autumn. That didn't happen. However, exactly one week after Autumn died I almost fell over upon seeing a rehoming ad on craigslist. I was like seeing Autumn all over again. I took it as a sign that this was the one and luckily was the first of four people that night to call about her. She doesn't fill the hole in my heart that Autumn left behind, but I badly needed a reason to come home from work last week because Autumn was the only reason I bothered getting up and doing anything.

This is the new pup

These are younger pictures of Autumn, she had a lot more white on her when she was really young

The new pup is just over 3 months old. Her last owners were rehoming her because they had no time for a pup and their two toddlers were afraid of her because she's very nippy. I'm sure a 2 and 4 year old didn't correct her properly and probably made it worse by hitting at her when she nipped so she has that habit to work out and potty training. I'll let you guys guess what you think her breed mix is just because its fun to see what people come up with. Hopefully I'll make it to the library tomorrow to get on the computer and tell you.