Hi Shiloh! Happy Labbie Dog of the Day to you, from me and my Labbie girl, Star! If you're ever looking for an older (OK, lots older), life loving blond, she's your girl! What a treat, having a yummy Chocolate Labbie boy as our very special and most deserving "top dog!" I'm sorry you had to be re-homed by your first family, sweetheart, but how neat that you're still a member of the "military family!" (You do your Dady proud, sporting those spiffy dog tags!) And when it comes to forever families, well, you hit the jackpot! Great thanks to your "adopt and animal" family for going the adoption/rescue route, providing you and Jack and Winifred such a happy life! And just as your Mommy says, what a wonderful addition to the pack you are! Young skin sister Evangeline is especially blessed, having a best doggie pal as sweet and loving as you to grow up with! Now, on to your pics...I laughed when I read how you get jealous when you see the kitties cuddling without you...then came the photo evidence! Oh, that pic is absolutely priceless! You truly are one extra special boy, Shiloh, the quintessential goofy, life and people loving Lab, and so very deserving of your "top dog" honors! Thanks for the BIG smiles, precious Shiloh! I hope you and Jack and Winifred are all enjoying a very happy, fun filled day of celebration, being spoiled rotten! You all deserve it! Lots of love and kisses, woofs and happy Lab wiggles to you, from me and Star...and love to kitties Jack and Winifred too!