It's finally happening, and next Saturday, the 19th, I'll be on the road to North Carolina. I plan to leave about 6 a.m. which will get me to my destination by mid to late afternoon, depending how fast I decide to drive, and how many stops I make.

This past week I've been wrapping up most of the last minute things and getting everything to the storage unit that I rented that I will keep, but won't be able to fit in my car. I put all my summer things in there too. I still have odds and ends to pack - like this computer - and things I will need until I'm ready to walk out the door - but other than that, I will be done when I take the last bunch of things to storage on Monday. My son will take over a couple of pieces that I can't manage, when he gets someone to help him with the lifting.

I'm so ready to go - this has been dragging on since May, and it will be so nice to get unpacked and not be living out of boxes, totes, and space bags! When I was out and about this past week, doing this and that, I found myself thinking......."I'll never go here again - I'll never see so-and-so again - I'll never see this again - I'll never do that again", and on and on. It brought on a little touch of nostalgia, but not enough to keep me here, that's for sure. After 45 years here and looking at the same old/same old, I really need a change of scenery! I'll get back now and then, and probably more than I think I will, but I will have a new home to return to.

Just thought I'd get this posted now, since I don't know if I'll have time to get back to PT before I take the computer down for a much needed rest. Probably the next time you hear from me - I'll be in NC and ready to start a new chapter. Wish me and Wolfy luck. And yes - Myndi and Sparky's cremains will make the journey too - along with tons of pictures.

Talk to y'all again when I get settled.