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    Hi Slick, you are such a cutie! I"m glad you are retired from racing and have a good family to love and take care of you. Happy DOTD!!
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    Slick you are handsome!
    Being retired is the life, right?

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    Hello Slick! It sounds like your retired life is just wonderful! Have an awesome day as DOTD!!!
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    I'm with you, I also hate Greyhound racing, dog fighting or anything else that is abusive to animals of any kind. Thank you for giving Slick a good home free of abuse. I don't know how people can engage dogs in abusive sports, especially in light of the fact that all the dogs want is a loving family. Slick, you are a fine looking specimen of a Greyhound with such a regal look. Congratulations on being our tremendous Dog Of The Day. I hope you and your family celebrate in a big way.
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    Beautiful Slick!

    Hi Slick! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart! It always does my heart good when I see a beautiful, most deserving representative of your beloved breed, a rescued racer, being given top honors! And while you seem to have been quite the athlete in your younger years, as your human says, living a sad and lonely life on a track, with no little or no human interaction, is NO place for a Grey, any dog! But, thankfully you were rescued from that awful life, allowed to live out your well earned retirement to the fullest in a loving forever home, surrounded by loving mommies, being pampered to pieces! I mean just look at that GOREGOUS handmade sweater! I want one! You're a beauty inside and out, Slick, and it's no big surprise to hear of your celebrity (TV and print) status, how head turns when you come strutting by! And while you may be in your middle years, it's clear you still have a ton more living and loving to do, and I hope for you and your wonderful family many, many more wonderful years of shared loved and companionship! Thanks for the big smiles, sweet baby girl! I hope you're enjoying a very special Dog of the Day, cuddling with your moms, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Slick!

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    Hello, Slick! You look very nice in your colorful jacket! It looks great with your black and white coat colors! You had success in your racing career, and then you were a successful representative and got to be in a LOT of pictures in support of your cause, too! I hope you have a wonderful day of going for a walk, being served some delicious food, and maybe leaning on your people Could you please have your people give you some gentle petting for you, and maybe big hug or two - because I love greyhounds! Happy Dog of the Day to you, beautiful Slick!

    p.s., edited to ask, I see some paws beside you in the picture of you wearing your colorful jacket -- do you have a sibling? I am sending extra petting and hugs for your sibling too, I am not sure if it is a dog or cat.
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    Hello Slick,

    So pleased to meet such a handsome boy as you. It is great to know that you are out of a money making
    business like racing. You deserve to live life as precious friend & companion to your lucky family. Congratulations
    on being the honored DOG OF THE DAY. Sending you cyber hugs & kisses sweet boy.
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    Hello! Slicks Dad here! Thanks for all the lovely comments to Slick, I really enjoyed reading them. Couple of things though, I'm a 26 yearold male, the equality march was in support of common sense and human rights, not for myself. =)

    The paws in the background of all the photos are of the girlfriends little Pomeranian X Chihuahua, Tank. He's a character, I should get around to submitting a DOTD for him...

    Slick is my first foire into the breed. He was a snap decision rescue after the passing of my first dog, a Norfolk Terrier. I needed a dog, but not one to be compared to him. Greyhound is pretty opposite of the spectrum! Subsequently fell in love with the breed for all their amazing qualities. I actually adopted another ex racer a year later. She was my sweetheart, hands down the sweetest dog I've ever met. Off lead, would walk beside me, didn't care about rabbits or kitties, just wanted to be next to me. She passed from sudden disease last november. I considered submitting my DOTD for her, but Slick is my boy. He's still here and deserves the spotlight =)

    I had a third greyhound for a couple of months at one stage, a stray I found wondering my neighbourhood. No tags, no collar, no chip. I took her in, but she just didn't ultimately fit in, so she was given to another loving home.

    I made a video of my dogs not too long ago, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I watch it often and it always makes me smile =)

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    I found Slicks photo from the newspaper =) Photo 3


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