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Thread: Remembering Sparky

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    Remembering Sparky

    It was one year ago today that Sparky made his journey to Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes it seems that it was so much longer, yet other times it feels like it was just yesterday. But one thing is for certain - I love him and miss him like crazy, and not a day goes by that I don't think of that sweet little guy. He continues to show his presence to me quite often, and in many different ways.

    Two days ago we had a lot of rain, so I couldn't walk Wolfy as often as I usually do, and when it finally stopped raining, we went out for an extra long walk out back. It was early evening - not dark yet, but it was still very overcast. I was walking and thinking of Sparky, since it was coming up on this sad anniversary date, and remembering how he loved to walk and explore this same area. I was really watching the ground around us since I didn't want to encounter any snakes which hang around in that vicinity, when Wolfy stopped to check something out. I stopped to let him do his thing, and when I stopped, I glanced up at the sky - and saw a beautiful rainbow. Yes - I believe it was Sparky's way of letting me know that all is well with him, and that he doesn't want me to be sad. Afterall - he (and Myndi) had a paw in sending Wolfy my way to carry on the Fuzzbutt legacy.

    Hugs and cuddles to you, my sweet Sparky-Doodle. I'm sending enough so that you can share some with Myndi too......
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    Wolfy ~ Fuzzbutt #3
    My little dog ~ a heartbeat at my feet

    Sparky the Fuzzbutt - PT's DOTD 8/3/2010
    RIP 2/28/1999~10/9/2012
    Myndi the Fuzzbutt - Mom's DOTD - Everyday
    RIP 1/24/1996~8/9/2013
    Ellie - Mom to the Fuzzbuttz

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