CONTACT PENNY ASAP! [email protected] pennymaelane (AT)yahoo (DOT) com

Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 11:00:34 -0700
Subject: Joplin MO - paralyzed in the back 10 week old kitten needs rescue or will be killed
The video is below of this darling 10 week old kitten who was crushed at the shelter by a door. He's now lost the use of his back legs.

PLEASE help me to help him. This one is killing me (well they all do actually) but this is a special case. Anyone with contacts in Joplin MO?

Penny said she can get transport so if anyone local can help lets work out transport details.


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From: Penny Shore <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 10:30 PM
Subject: handicap cat/ kitten
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I have a kitten that I could use some help with if you able to please. I am near Jopin, MO so I am not sure if that is too far. I am sure I can arrange transportation.

The kitten is named Smidge. Smidge is 10 weeks old and is an short haired, orange and white male. I am actually fostering Smidge for a local Humane Society, but there was an accident and he was shut in the door. He now has spinal nerve damage that renders his rear useless. However, he has a lot of spunk and gets around, plays, climbs, seeks loves, etc. When it first happened, he could not express his bowels or bladder and one leg just hung lifeless. Both legs now stick straight out in front of him but he still has no feeling in either foot or the tail. He can move his ips well. He is able to eliminate on his own, but it seems to be a random, whenever it comes out where he is sort of thing. Again, this had caused a great deal of strife in my household. He needs frequent baths to keep his rear clean, but he does well with the rest of his body. By the way, he makes it clear bathtime is NOT his favorite time of day . He was on prednisolone for 3 weeks. There were no x-rays taken as the vet did not know if it would be useful and she is calling for time with this baby. If I take him back to Joplin, I am certian he will be euthanized as they are a high kill facility without the resources or man power to care for a potential life-long problem such as this. He is egnnvelop sores on his rear due to dragging it everywhere. I have looked into carts, but what I have found so far are cost prohitive. I fear pain or infection may soon become an issue.