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Thread: 3 times is the charm for Mademoiselle Eponine!

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    3 times is the charm for Mademoiselle Eponine!

    What a beautiful snake girl you are! Especially love the pic where you do double duty as a bracelet ! Happy POTD to you!

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    Oh my, you're a beauty Eponine!!! What beautiful colors! Congrats on being POTD!
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    Eponine you are a gorgeous corn snake! I had one many decades ago and his name was Sly. I am so glad you are not longer afraid and biting your devoted guardian. I wish you both many more years together, enjoying each other and happy POTD!

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    Adorable Éponine!

    Greeting Éponine! Happy Pet of the Day to the cutest, most awesome pet ever! What an pretty, simply precious baby Corn you are! You may not have been the snake your person was looking for when he/she went to visit the breeder in Airdrie, and you two may have gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least! But it's clear, despite your initial hesitation to be held, the nipping and flailing and hiding and escaping, your person knew that you were the one for him/her, and oh, how her/his patience has paid off! It took a bit of time for you to learn to trust your guardian, but just look at you now...the "chilliest," most trusting girl imaginable, loving every minute of your new life to its fullest! What a very special, most unique best friend your person has in you, Éponine, and I hope for you and your person many, many happy, fun filled years together! Thanks for the big smiles, pretty girl! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, being pampered to pieces! Lots of love to you, adorable Éponine!

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