I guess I was lucky - I am pretty much a klutz, but was usually picked not last, but next-to-last for any athletic endeavors. I always was very friendly to everyone, so we all knew I was a klutz and would probably fail miserably at most anything - if I hit the ball fair, I'd still be likely to trip on my way to base ... but enough people liked me anyway.

For any sports activity, even *I* would pick me last! I am strong, and willing to try, but that's it for positives attributes in athletics! My only sports victory of note ever was I did beat the captain of the football team at croquet the one time we played that in gym! I was so used to playing on our course at home, which had various slopes and hazards naturally, that playing on a perfectly flat field was a breeze!

I do not miss getting wheezy as a kid - now thankfully medications have improved enough that I rarely need an inhaler!

I do miss being able adn willing to eat almost everything! (My food allergies did not kick in until much later into adulthood!)