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Thread: What Do and Don't you miss from childhood?

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    What Do and Don't you miss from childhood?

    Thought of this loooking at Kirsten's pictures from the abandoned houses that now hold the art exhibit ...

    What is one this you do miss from childhood or your hometown
    What is one thing you do not miss?

    I do miss penny candy's existence - my teacher didn't believe any place still sold penny candy, but the store up the street from me did, so he'd give me money to buy penny candy he could give out as prizes!
    (I am sure that would never happen now, a teacher giving one child a prize and not the other students ...)

    I do not miss my asthma medicine (Tedral) that tasted so bad it made my tongue want to curl up and die if it so much as touched it on the way down!!

    What are yours?

    Thought this might be fun, whether your childhood was 5 years ago or 60 years ago! Time moves on, things change!
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    Funny you should bring this up....

    When we were driving down Sutton ave to the cemetery, I pointed out to the kids where the old apple orchards were (that are now Mcmansions.....grrrrr) and pointed out where the country store was that we went to.

    I miss the candy they used to selll that I haven't seen since, molasses sponge candy......and I just found recipes for it!
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    I miss... a supermarket that is a reasonable size (not as huge as an airplane hangar). It seems like the things I usually need (milk, cat food, bread, produce) are usually toward the back of the store -- so it takes longer to walk back there and select the few things I need.

    A corded telephone ... future generations will never know the fun of wrapping the cord around their wrist and hand while they talk on the phone!

    I don't miss ... always being sure I had exactly 20 cents for the pay phone at school (or at the mall) and knowing their locations. I don't miss carrying around an enormous first generation cell phone, either. I like always having a phone with me.
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    I miss the long car drives with "Wolverton Mountain" and other golides playing on the radio; walking on snow so hard it never broke and the sun twinkled millions of the tiniest diamond sparks on it; going places with mom and dad and knowing they were always there...

    I don't miss always adjusting to a new school cause my dad got transferred a lot and not being in the same class as my sister when we moved; always having to fit in all over again.

    Today, life is good! Cause when I was a kid I couldn't have gone on the totally amazing mountain hike yesterday!
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    Well, I can't say I actually miss anything from my childhood because today I'm a much happier person than I used to be when I was a child, but there are a few things I like to remember.. For example the time I spent with my grandma when we were watching birds and the feral cats in our backyard. I enjoyed the fall season when my mom and I were collecting chestnuts and acorns; and later at home, I was making little animals out of them... I loved helping my mom or my grandma making cookies in the Christmas season. I also have fond memories of me and my childhood friend (who, btw, is still one of my best friends today) playing in the park or in our backyard.

    What I definitely don't miss is anything sport-related! I hated it, especially since I grew up in a sporty family which always gave me the feeling I was a big failure! And I hated the endless walks when we were visiting my aunt who lived at the edge of town. My mother doesn't have a driving licence, so we always had to walk. Also, I hated to be an only-child, so I was more than happy when - at the age of eight - I got a little baby sister!

    My sis and I washing the dishes. This must have been around 1975 or 1976.
    Seeing this makes me realize that I have always detested this odd seventies look - even when it was modern! lol

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    Very interesting thought come up with this.....

    Things I miss
    - Living in a time and place where leaving your house and walking all the way across town was safe. I lived with my dad's parents and would walk better part of 2 miles to my other grandparents house and back. No one every thought anything about it.
    - Laying in my bed at the house and hearing the train come through town on the track 1/2 a block away. Loud, but a soothing sound.
    - My mom's parents had a huge garden. I would go there, take a salt shaker out and eat fresh vegetables right off the plant after brushing the dirt off. I can still remember the taste.

    Things I don't miss
    - Moving from the small town to a large town - the noise of the traffic outside our window and the scary amount of people I would see every day.
    - Moving 4 times in 4th grade. Took forever for me to learn that people don't always go away.
    - Being the awkward, gangly child that was always picked last for sports because I was so unathletic.


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