CONTACT: Elizabeth B. [email protected] rescue (at)kershawcontyhs(dot) org
or call the shelter at (803) 425-6016.

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Camden, South Carolina!
There is a special-needs cat at the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter in Camden, SC needing rescue.
This cat is such a nice cat, and the shelter is beyond full. He needs to be pulled as soon as possible.
You can email me (Elizabeth B.) [email protected] rescue (at)kershawcontyhs(dot) org
or call the shelter at: (803)425-6016.

Lego: 1-2years old, male, FIV/FeLv negative. Sweet Lego came in by animal control in a trap. When he came rolling out of the trap on his belly, we knew he was something special. His hind leg injury is old, and we can't tell if he was born this way or what happened to him. Our vet has looked at him, and because of our shelter situation, we cannot remove his leg due to the area of it. It almost looks as if it sits right on top of his spine. He is super sweet and loves laying in his comfy bed all day long.

Picture is above. Again, the shelter is really full and they need help.

Any sharing/cross posting would be great!

You can email me (Elizabeth B.) [email protected] rescue (at)kershawcontyhs(dot) org
or call the shelter at 803 425 6016