Dearest Charlie Bird Parker, what an utterly adorable Blue boy you are! You have the name of a famous musician, and you bring sweet music to your home. Everyone in your whole family, human and canine, loves you dearly, and you love them right back.

What a touching story of the wonderful good care you give to your dear senior doggie friend Grace. That is a great picture of you lying behind her.. it looks like you are massaging her sore back with your hind toes!

All those photos show off your beauty and your delightful Purrrsonality. We love the sweet look on your face with those lovely pale yellow eyes. And your fur looks so soft to the touch.. I wish I could reach all the way to Portland to pet you! I hope one of your loving family members will give you some pets for me.

Congratulations, darling Charlie, on being selected today's Cat of the Day! We hope that you and Grace and the whole family are all enjoying a fine day of celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats.