Most of you know that I lost 80 pounds 1.5 years ago. I was so proud of myself. It was actually easy counting the calories. I was 100% certain I'd changed all my bad habits and found a new lifestyle that I'd have no trouble keeping. I enjoyed major health benefits. This summer has been stressful due to work - they are closing my store, having a huge clearance event, and building a new store that won't be ready for another month. I doubt I'll survive another month!!!

I am working 6 days with an average of 12 hours a day thanks to the clearance event. I stopped walking Callie because I just was too exhausted from standing on my feet for 12 hours to even think about walking another half hour. The cats cling to me once I get home (after feeding them of course) because they miss me (awwwwww). I eat dinner sitting at the table staring off into space. Hubby is upset because I don't talk to him anymore.... I talked for 12 hours! I'm all talked out. I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I cry at the drop of a hat, just because I'm so stressed and mentally fried.

I had no idea that a clearance event would be so taxing. Its just a big sale, right? A big, three month long, never ending sale. These bargain hunters are KILLING me. They are getting 80% off something and then pick out every minor flaw. I have to smile and politely deal with them when all I want to say is, "you either want it or don't - you're not doing me any favors by buying it. If you don't buy it, the next person will." I thrill when they leave to "think about it" and someone else buys it... I love telling them they thought too long and its gone. bwahahaha

Anyway, now that you understand whats stressing me, I'm eating my way through the summer. Sweet tea by the gallon. Soft pretzels. Candy. All stuff I completely gave up for a whole year. Not only do all of my clothes no longer fit (I dug the Plus Sizes out of the basement) but my sleep apnea is back. My plantar's fasciitis is back. My knee is killing me. I feel my blood sugar is waaaayyy out of whack. If I keep this up, I'm going to gain back all 80 pounds before the new store opens.

I'm basically venting... thanks for listening.