Today was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods & fields until Baxter found a raccoon in the grass stripes of the bean field.

Missy & grandpuppy Max got into the mix of things. I did not dare get near the fight for fear of having the raccoon taking me on. I called & called the dogs trying to get them to come.

Finally the raccoon slipped away from them sneaking off into the bean field. I got Missy to come & held on to her. Baxter was sniffing around in the grass stripe & Max with his super keen sniffer took off through the bean field on the raccoons trail. I watched him trail the raccoon down through the bean field & luckily the raccoon threw him off the trail. Max finally returned.

Max & Missy were puffing pretty good on the way home. When we got home everyone got checked for bites which they all had & were treated with a disinfectant spray.

The raccoon like to spend the day in a cool spot & sometimes the dogs sniff them out & if there are no trees close by for the raccoon to climb up, the fight is on. This was one lucky smart feisty raccoon to escape three dogs out in the open.