This year I joined the Walk for the first time. It was held at Slater Park where I walk the dogs, so I took them along. The web site makes it easy to register and raise funds; I was aiming for a goal of $500, and though I only had $445 this morning when I left for the walk, I had met the $500 by the time we returned home.

Purple is the color for Alzheimer's. Dad does not have that, he has cerebral vascular dementia; but the Alzheimer's Assn. supports folks with all forms of dementia and the local chapter has been very helpful for me the past 12+ years, caring for Dad.

I couldn't find purple outfits for the fluffs, but I did find these which include purple in the pattern, so that is what they wore. We gave the outfits a try the day before the walk, we went to the Apple Festival held at the nursing home where Dad is now - Orchard View Manor does in fact have an orchard with many many apple trees and also some bosc pear trees. These photos let you see the fluff's outfits better than the pics on the day of the walk.

Tony - the boys have black T shirts with a tie shape on the back, in red and purple hearts

Willy (his eyes are actually much better than they were, he had double eye infections again)

Tasha - the girls have dresses with red tutu skirts, and a heart shape on the back, filled with the same red and purple hearts as on the boys' ties.


We had photos taken in the corridor at the nursing home. Back, from left, Tasha, Willy, me. Front, from left, Riley, Tony.

From left: Tony Tasha Willy and Riley

Stand by lots more to come.