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Thread: Walk to End Alzheimer's, 2013

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    Walk to End Alzheimer's, 2013

    This year I joined the Walk for the first time. It was held at Slater Park where I walk the dogs, so I took them along. The web site makes it easy to register and raise funds; I was aiming for a goal of $500, and though I only had $445 this morning when I left for the walk, I had met the $500 by the time we returned home.

    Purple is the color for Alzheimer's. Dad does not have that, he has cerebral vascular dementia; but the Alzheimer's Assn. supports folks with all forms of dementia and the local chapter has been very helpful for me the past 12+ years, caring for Dad.

    I couldn't find purple outfits for the fluffs, but I did find these which include purple in the pattern, so that is what they wore. We gave the outfits a try the day before the walk, we went to the Apple Festival held at the nursing home where Dad is now - Orchard View Manor does in fact have an orchard with many many apple trees and also some bosc pear trees. These photos let you see the fluff's outfits better than the pics on the day of the walk.

    Tony - the boys have black T shirts with a tie shape on the back, in red and purple hearts

    Willy (his eyes are actually much better than they were, he had double eye infections again)

    Tasha - the girls have dresses with red tutu skirts, and a heart shape on the back, filled with the same red and purple hearts as on the boys' ties.


    We had photos taken in the corridor at the nursing home. Back, from left, Tasha, Willy, me. Front, from left, Riley, Tony.

    From left: Tony Tasha Willy and Riley

    Stand by lots more to come.

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    This morning we were up and out early for the Walk. At 8 AM we were still in dense fog, I snapped a few pics on our drive to Slater Park:

    We entered Slater Park and started seeing signs for the Walk:

    People who raised substantial sums (I think it was $1000 or more) were able to have a memorial sign posted:

    Sponsors (corporate) also got mention:

    The fluffs have never been in such a huge crowd before. Over 785 walkers had registered online, and many showed up with spouses and children, so it was a huge turn out. Quite a few dogs were present, as well.

    Lots more pics to come.

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    We walked to the Sign In tent, where I got a wrist band, and my purple T shirt (which I put on for the walk). Then we walked over to the Flower Garden:

    At this point, it is about 8:30 AM. I can tell you, we walked passed here again just after 9 Am and there were only 5 or 6 flowers left.

    The flowers are in 4 colors: blue, yellow, purple and orange. You notice here as well, they include all forms of dementia, not just ALzheimer's. Each color represents something different:

    I picked out a yellow one for my Dad and a Purple one for my Aunt Mary.

    I put my flowers in the ground and then I had someone take photos of us!

    Edited version:

    At 9 AM after a few announcements, we started the almost 3 mile walk:


    Tasha (with her skirt up, lol) Willy in a blink and Tony -- not a great photo but it lets you see the boys' shirt, on Tony

    Photos of the crowd:

    More photos to come.

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    Many people had designed shirts for their team, honoring a loved one. The "Forget Me Not" blue flower is of course a big part of the Alzheimer's symbolism. Our local RI chapter has earrings, pendants, brooches and lapel pins, (among other items) in ceramic. I've picked up a brooches and lapel pins for my cousins to wear when it is time, at Dad's wake and funeral. (Pendants for the female cousins, lapel pins for my male cousins). These were donated to the RI Chapter by a woman who lost her mom to Alzheimers; she had a huge amount made for her wedding, to have her mom present at the ceremony, and she and all her wedding party wore them, with others available for all the guests at her wedding for a small donation. What a nice idea! The remaining ones she gave to the chapter to sell for fundraising. Below is a T shirt designed for this walk by a woman who lost her father to Alzheimers.

    Our friend Dawn stopped by just to see us! She brought Tink and Wendy with her, of course. Tink has completed 50 hours of service and has just earned this emblem which Dawn has on her car:

    Wendy is also working on her certification as a therapy dog. They have busy schedules, visiting 3 different places during the week, for children to read to them, for them to visit at a hospital and such.

    It was lovely of them to stop by in all this crowd just to see us and cheer us on!

    Willy and one of the girls

    Tasha - a bit overwhelmed by all the crowds, the noise from the DJ and the people, but she did really well overall.

    And we made it!

    It's taken me about an hour to put this photo thread together. During this time, 4 fluffs have been sacked out sound asleep, lol. I'm proud of them, they did really well with so much activity and noise, so many dogs and the crowd. The fog has burned off and it is a bright sunny day out now, so I'm sure we will be outside again.

    Thanks for looking!

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    What a wonderful turn out for a good cause. Looks like the fluffs took it all in stride. I'm glad that dogs are included
    in more public events nowadays. Your pictures and commentary made me feel like I was along for all the fun too.
    Thanks for posting (covering) the event & sharing it with us. You would make a great news events reporter. ((Hugs))
    to the pups.
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    Thanks so much for posting this account of your time at such a wonderful event. I had tears welling up when I read what you said about the lapel pins, etc. It must be difficult for you to know that ultimately, at some place and time, that your family will wear them. You are such a strong person - I wish I had half of your strength and your ability to deal with it all.

    And Fluffs - you looked handsome (guys) and beautiful (ladies) in your outfits.
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    Yay, Fluffs and your mom! I enjoyed spending part of your morning with you through these pictures and text! I'm glad the fog has lifted and you will have a bright day, too!
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