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Thread: Happy Birthday and Gotchya Day, Mikey!!!

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    Happy Birthday and Gotchya Day, Mikey!!!

    So Mikey's birthday and gotchya day fall within the same week. Today (27th) is his Gotchya day and his Birthday is on the 29th. He turns 6 this year!

    In previous years, I usually go through a list of things to describe what a pain in the butt he truly is. But this year, I am going to try to be a little more positive. There will still be some stories of the things he does that make me want to kill him, but overall, you can't describe Mikey without a few. They're part of his character!

    I've now owned Mikey for 4 years, and how adventurous it has been. Mikey was a blessing, in all honesty. I don't know where I'd be without him right now, but I'm not going to bore you and get too personal with that. I had a good dog for 10 years, Sassy for all those who remember her. But the thing of it is, she wasn't my heart dog. She wasn't the dog I've always wanted. I loved her, obviously, but she was more of my Dad & Sister's dog. She liked me, but she loved them. I wanted a dog for myself. I wanted a dog that loved everyone equally. I went 15 months without a dog, and I had lost hope of my parents ever allowing me to get one. One day, my Godfather called me about a dog who needed a new home. He "sort of" asked my parents but I pretty much forced them to go meet him. My Dad wasn't happy whatsoever about the idea and my mom was just like "do what you want, you're taking care of it, we're only paying for it". We went to see him. Man, the minute I saw him his butt wagged 100 miles per hour. I never knew what any of you meant by feeling that "click" but at that moment I knew. They needed to rehome him to do him being crated almost day (and night), and they knew that wasn't fair for such a happy social dog. I don't really know if he would have ended up at a shelter. He may have. I like to think I "rescued" him even though he came from a very nice home and family. I thought I was helping him, but he pretty much saved me. Yeah, that's sappy, but it's true.

    He was a pain in the butt from the beginning. He was "starved" for attention, and all his problems were from being left in his crate a lot. I did work with him a ton, but he actually improved tremendously on his own just from being exercised. He still steals things, especially my shoes when I'm not getting ready fast enough. He one stole a 5 pound dumbbell as I was getting ready for a hike. He still barks at everything and anything that moves, including cars (not on walks anymore). He still needs prescription Xanax. But hey, he's a gem. You can take food right out of his mouth (even steak!), he's never growled viciously at any human, he loves other animals and dogs, he loves everyone in my family. His whole butt wags when he sees us. He LOVES when everyone is home for the holidays or for any reason. He is everything I've wanted in a dog. He's my constant companion, my velcro dog, my hiking partner, my wildlife watcher, and everything in between. He's the *furry* love of my life I don't know what I'd do without this nutcase. He's a nut, yes. But he's the greatest thing that could have happened to me when he did. Who knew a dog who needed a home, would end up making me need him so much? Needless to say, my family LOVES him now. I knew they would. But I cannot picture my family without Mike in it, it just wouldn't be the same whatsoever.

    Happy Birthday and Gotchya Day, little muffin man
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