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    Oh Heidi, you're gorgeous!!! I love GSDs! It looks like you lead a very exciting life. Congrats on being DOTD!
    I hope this day is special for you and your humans and maybe you'll even get a few extra treats!
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    HI Heidi, you are a beauty!! I'm glad you helped your family getting over a rough time in their lives! Happy DOTD!
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    Heidi recently went on her first cross-country trip from Kentucky to Utah to ride the four-wheelers. In two weeks, she rode over 1,000 miles in her RZR Sport Side by Side! She even had doggles for that trip! She goes everywhere with us, in one photo, she's waiting for an oil change.

    Heidi came into our lives in January, and boy was she a life-saver!! We had lost my dad one day, and then our twelve-year-old German Shepherd the very next, so we needed a new baby to love. She sure fit the bill. We live on a farm, away from the main road-Heidi is very alert and lets us know if anything is moving, be it a bird, a deer, or a person! She loves to play two-ball and is obsessed with yellow balls. She is our constant companion and goes everywhere we go. On our recent trip to Utah, she even got to ride a historic train in Nevada, in addition to the 1000+ miles in her RZR. She loves everyone and offers hugs and comfort, but she always keeps an eye out for anything that could get between her and her "puppy" parents! She is in training to be a therapy dog, and has recently passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen testing. She is an awesome dog and we are looking forward to a lifetime of memories with her.
    Hello, beautiful Heidi CGC! You sure are stylin in your doggles! I bet you gave many people smiles on your trip to Utah! I know you will make a wonderful therapy dog, bringing comfort and friendship to the people you meet. You are a very busy girl -- watching for things that move, playing ball, going all the different places and being your family's wonderful companion! Could you please have your people give you some enormous hugs for me and I wish you a lifetime of wonderful memories Happy Dog of the Day, gorgeous Heidi!
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    Pretty Girl! Looks Like We Share The Same Name Looks Like Shes Smiling With Her Tongue Out :P


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    Beautiful Heidi!

    Hi Heidi! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart! What a gorgeous GSD you are, Heidi! And not only are you breathtakingly beautiful, but true to your beloved breed, keenly intelligent with a heart as big as they come! What impressive accomplishments for a pup so young, to have already earned her CGC and be well on her way to earning her therapy dog credentials! But as impressive as those accomplishments are, I don't know many pups who can lay claim to having traveled on an historic train, riding cross country, over 1,000 miles in her very own RZR Sport Side by Side! Your precious pics speak volumes of the wonderful life you have been blessed with, Heidi, and of the very special bond you share with parents! And I must say, no doggie does shades better than you! I can only imagine the heartache of losing a parent and furkid within days. But thankfully you came into your parent's lives just when they needed you most, helping to heal their hearts with your unbridled puppy exuberance, your unwavering love and devotion, just as you will be helping to comfort and heal those in need in your future role as therapy dog! What a happy, exciting, fun filled times await you all, what happy memories you and your family will be making over the many years to come, memories to cherish for a lifetime! Thanks for the big smiles, sweetheart! Hope you're enjoying an active, fun filled Dog of the Day, traveling about in your RZR, or simply enjoying the love and company of your parents, your doggie pals, all of your adoring friends and fans! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you beautiful Heidi, our very special and most deserving honoree!

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