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    My insurance company would pay for it after 55, so when I talked to my doctor he gave me a prescription. When I was at the pharmacist filling out the disclaimer papers the pharmacy had, I noticed it had neomycin base. My luck, I've had reactions to neomycin so she said I had to talk to my doctor before she would give me the shot. Bottom line I can't have the shot. Really worries me that I'll get shingles, but I'm not willing to risk it.

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    Had the shingles 3 times now and hope to never get them again--- the doctor who said it wasn't painful must be a fool. It hurts and itches a lot, very painful. No vaccine for me because of another condition I have. Keep praying I won't ever get them again. My daughter had them when she was 11 and I remember how many days she spent in tears from the pain-- she had them from the right side of her forehead down to her waist.
    Redbird could you be having post shingles pain, it's very painful, neuralgic nerve pain from damaged nerves when you did have shingles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asiel View Post
    Redbird could you be having post shingles pain, it's very painful, neuralgic nerve pain from damaged nerves when you did have shingles.
    I now know for sure it is Shingles cuz the little pimples have shown up both on my chest and back. Not many but a few and they are very, very painful. I called the Dr. and a prescription is being sent to my pharmacist. I also have pain on the right side of my forehead as your daughter had and it effects my right ear.

    I didn't know Shingles could effect someone so young, this is a terrible virus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura's Babies View Post
    I knew a lady that had it 20 plus years ago. She suffered in dire pain with it and she'd sit up crying in pain every night.. Her family would always take her to the doctor and he was telling them Shingles was NOT painful and she was just doing it for attention. I always felt so sorry for her. I knew her and knew she enjoyed life to the fullest and couldn't have been lying about the pain. She died without knowing that it DOES cause pain and the doctors are aware of the pain now.

    Wonder if Karma ever caught up with that Dr.?
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    The worst problem with shingles is the post-herpetic neuralgia, which is a $5 way of saying that the nerve damage can be permanent and cause pain. For folks who can't get the shots, as soon as you suspect shingles, if you can get on antivirals ASAP that might help. It did for me, but of course YMMV.
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