Hey Bentley, you, your Mom and your Dad make a good looking family with happiness written all over the threesome. Your little clan is in for quite a joyous ride!!! When you outgrow being a lap puppy, just have one of your parents sit on the sofa and you can lay across their lap and they can take turns...that's what happens at my house. In the photo of you sitting in the car, you look like you're about ready to take the driving test. I have three fur-children of different lineages and ages who would rather go for a car ride or even a long walk than have their dinner. Fortunately, they don't have to choose. Like you, Bentley, if they ever get in the car, you have to take them for a ride or they won't get out of the car. Congratulations, Bentley, on being our handsome celebrated Dog Of The Day. All of us which for you and your family, a long and happy journey through life.