You have to be your advocate when it comes to doctors & medicine. Doctors are suppose to LISTEN. It sounds like this doctor lacks bedside manners. He needs a bed pan over the head (and a full one at that).

My husband has a weight issue, he has had it since he was born. His metabolism is slow & he is a good doer. Every time he goes to the doctor it is you have to exercise & lose weight. He is very active & farms, but that is not considered exercise chasing cattle, shoveling feed, cutting wood, etc. So the doctor sent him for a quick fix exercise therapy at the hospital, he passed the stress test after that. Then there is the borderline diabetic thing. Next he is sent to a dietician. I went along & we already are eating correctly. He did end up dropping the pop thought which is a good thing. He has lost 15 lbs., but has to eat like a mouse & does feel better health wise so it has been worth it so far.