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Los Angeles, 911!!! SPECIAL NEEDS Kitty needs rescue or home, 6.5yrs old, Male

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Though he is called a Cat with CH, his disability and impairment was caused by a rabies shot and ...had a reaction to it.
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The first video is from last year when help was needed. ( No donations; this is to show before he got therapy last year)

Youtube Video Showing how with Therapy Nugget is getting around

(From the owner of Nugget) -
I own a 6.5 year old Cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. His name is Nugget and he desperately needs a home as soon as possible. I can no longer take care of him. My landlords are about to kick me out because of his incontinence and we just had to rip up all the carpet. My financial situation is .....a situation. I need to get nugget a lot of help and fast, and I cant take care of him the way he deserves. I don't want to take him to a shelter. He doesn't deserve that. This cat has changed my life TREMENDOUSLY. His mind is on point, but his condition is leaving him incontinent. This is a very special cat and deserves a place to live and inspire other people of the world. Please help as this is a time sensitive situation and i am at "Do or Die" . I'm a single mom in los angeles fighting to survive out here and nugget deserves more right now. Im never home because I'm always working and I pray to pay bills. I really want to find help asap. Shelters give me a terrible feeling and i know its like a concentration camp. Nugget doesn't deserve that. Please help us.
He has been to California Animal Rehab and has improved a lot. He walks sometimes and he made a lot of progress at the Rehab center.

I am looking to place him in a home where he will be provided attention to his stretches and his exercises and some one who can give him the ultimate care and even take him to rehab.

Nugget likes to play, he likes taking baths, he loves tuna fish, he is super sweet and loving.

Nugget is a special kitty and has inspired me artistically and spiritually over the last 6.5 years. He has trouble using the litter box (he used it until he turned 5) , but i know with the proper training he could use it again.