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Thread: How to teach the dogs when to play and when not to?

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    How to teach the dogs when to play and when not to?

    So Loki is your typical puppy who wants to play ALL the time. Zeke will tell him when enough is enough but Clover won't stick up for herself. If she walks past he'll bite the back of her legs and continue to nip until she plays. She enjoys playing with him but I think sometimes she wants to be left alone. I feel sometimes the only reason she's playing is so she's not getting bitten. (most of the time she doesn't mind) Also, sometimes I'd like to sit and be quiet and watch a movie. I can't when they're non-stop playing. I end up separating them just to give them (and me) and break. However I feel it's not really fair to the one who is by themselves. I'd really like them (Loki) to learn ok that's enough. I've tried telling them all to lie down on beds and reward them but that only lasts for like a minute before Loki is back at it. Zeke and Clover seem to understand what "that's enough" means but if Loki is nipping at Clover she usually won't stop unless he is pulled off. Again, I think she doesn't want to get bitten if she stops it herself.

    What can I do? He really doesn't seem to get it. He gets exercise so I don't think that's it. He just wants to play.

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    Pups like Loki seem to have endless energy & that's pretty normal. Does he know the "stay" command? Does Zeke & Clover?
    When you want to sit to watch a movie or whatever, put Loki in a sit/ stay or down/ stay. When he "stays" in a sit or a down, reward
    him with a good chew toy. Something to keep him busy while you can sit & be with Clover & Zeke for some quiet time.

    He may need to be reminded he is expected to stay in one spot with his reward, but he should know you are serious about it.
    See if that works for you.
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    You raised a few different issues.

    Clover plays to avoid getting nipped. Um, this is between THEM, you do not step in. Clover will learn how and when to deal with Loki.

    They play all the time - yep, that's doggies for ya!

    I want some peace = NOW you are talking training! Teach the 'settle' command and it takes lots of time and patience to build this up to 10 minutes. The younger the dog, the harder it is for the dog to learn this - just too much energy! Don't worry about separating them, or feeling sorry for the singleton. That's life and they don't see it the same way we do. You can also rotate who is off alone. Or set up a crate near you so the singleton is close to you - a GREAT thing for the pups, to be close to their pack leader! Finally, you can pull out the Kong or other long lasting chew to keep them occupied for quiet time. Still may have to keep one separated, that is fine.

    They also will learn if quiet time is about the same time daily. Growing up, when we had a puppy, Mom would sit with classical music on for an hour 1 to 2 in the afternoon. The puppy soon learned she was NOT going to do anything so may as well nap. If you tend to want quiet time btween 7 and 8 PM that will work.

    If you want quiet time the same time daily and that happens to be when you first get home, after having been out 6 hours daily, not going to work well. They have been resting, they are now ready to GO with their Pack Leader!!! Time for walk, run, or just time outdoors so they can play. (I don't remember your schedule, just tossing this in as an example of what will and will not work easily)

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    I know exactly how you feel. Towser gets a lot more exercise than any other dog I have owned, but still relentlessly tries to play with Sala... and it always seems like he decides to suddenly play when I want to sleep. Sala gets fed up with it quick, and even if she snaps and snarls at him he doesn't perceive it as a threat and continues to pester her. I feel mean commanding him to stop playing (I'm a softy), so I just find a way to distract him with something he thinks is equally entertaining. Like mentioned, I get Towser's attention with some basic commands (so Sala can take refuge) then distract him with his favorite chew toy. A good chew toy can keep that boy entertained for hours. You said Loki goes right back at it, though, right? When Towser is in a mood like that I typically tell him "pssst" (which is the command he learned to basically stop/leave something alone) any time he even looks at Sala. He usually catches on then. On the rare occasion that he continues to be a holy terror I usually just end up letting Sala go in the bedroom by herself.

    Good luck! I know puppies can be a bit difficult at times, but once you find something that seems to work a bit just stay persistent and he should catch on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casper View Post
    I know puppies can be a bit difficult at times, but once you find something that seems to work a bit just stay persistent and he should catch on.
    And try to remember, they won't be puppies for ever!

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    Clover will tell him where to go if she really didn't want to play. Crate training is fantastic for teaching pups and dogs to settle down at certain times, or baby gates so they can see one another but not annoy you.

    They are dogs, dogs thrive on playing, its what they do.
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    I really don't think Clover will tell him when to stop. They play for really not periods of time without her doing anything. Sometimes she'll try to hide under someones legs if they're sitting near by. She's pretty submissive. If I pull him off, she doesn't go after him to try and keep the play going (maybe sometimes if she's really in the mood to play) mostly she'll lie down or try to play with a toy. Also, ANY time she is playing with a toy he comes and grabs it out of her mouth and runs off with it. If she picks up a different one, same thing. Again she won't put him in his place. I feel bad for her...

    Clover and Zeke know sit/stay and even "go to bed" but it's pointless if the puppy isn't going to listen. He's slowly learning but play time is much more fun then treats.

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    My brother an sister inlaw have a Lab/Healer mix named Abby whos 10years old an they got 2Daschund puppies recently. the puppies are around 3months old now i think. both puppies treat Abby as if shes their own personal living toy or something as they jump all over her nip at her legs/ears or licking at her mouth an if she ignores them they bark at her till she plays an Abbys a very patient submissive dog. she goes easy on them cuz she knows theyre puppies an the puppies make her day what the humans around view as living hell almost every second that the puppies are around her. ive heard both my brother an sister inlaw say "poor Abby" but they do nothing about it. at first i was like 'O_o why?' but one time i was watching my nephew an as he was watching TV beside me i was watching the dogs play. i could tell Abby was getting close to her last nerve cuz her patience was gradually getting shorter as she was trying to enjoy chewing on a bone but one of the puppies kept biting at her legs/ears even trying to take the bone away from her an etc. this went on for 10minutes or whatever an then Abby let off a growl an snipped at the puppy. the puppy yelped an ran off an hid behind my legs for a moment or so. then returned to trying to play with Abby again,, but this time not trying to take the bone away from her or biting at her but more of trying to distract her from it so they could play together instead an Abby was fine with that. if she wasnt the puppy would of very easily been put in her place again.

    i hope this doesnt come across as bitchy or mean cuz im not meaning it to an if it does i apologize in advanced as im not really sure how to word it. but sometimes we just have to leave animals alone cuz animals have their own languages only they understand. if theyre unable to voice to the other animals(especially with dogs since pack order is very important to them) of whats what an who belongs in what place then it only makes it worse for them an in turn worse for us cuz they cant establish anything for beans with the other animals cuz we keep interfering. we established we are pack lead. they need to establish their places in the pack now with themselves. hopefully that makes sense

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    I'm dealing with this problem right next to me at this very second with Brennan and Lilo . Lilo is energy to no end and Brennan might as well think he's a puppy too. So yeah, they're a pain in the butt. I'm going to try to teach them the settle command. Brennan will go lay down on command but Lilo follows after him so it's useless.
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