So Loki is your typical puppy who wants to play ALL the time. Zeke will tell him when enough is enough but Clover won't stick up for herself. If she walks past he'll bite the back of her legs and continue to nip until she plays. She enjoys playing with him but I think sometimes she wants to be left alone. I feel sometimes the only reason she's playing is so she's not getting bitten. (most of the time she doesn't mind) Also, sometimes I'd like to sit and be quiet and watch a movie. I can't when they're non-stop playing. I end up separating them just to give them (and me) and break. However I feel it's not really fair to the one who is by themselves. I'd really like them (Loki) to learn ok that's enough. I've tried telling them all to lie down on beds and reward them but that only lasts for like a minute before Loki is back at it. Zeke and Clover seem to understand what "that's enough" means but if Loki is nipping at Clover she usually won't stop unless he is pulled off. Again, I think she doesn't want to get bitten if she stops it herself.

What can I do? He really doesn't seem to get it. He gets exercise so I don't think that's it. He just wants to play.