I don't remember if I posted here a couple of months ago about talking with a breeder of Turkish Vans in Ypsilanti (next town over) ... http://ypsivans.com.. about sitting for some 17 of her cats when she took a couple of others to a cat show out of town. And the job fell through at the last minute, due to a "family emergency" she said.

I thought perhaps she'd decided she just didn't want to pay for a petsitter and that was the last I'd hear from her.

A couple of weeks ago she got back in touch with me: she was going to a show in Wisconsin the weekend of Sept. 20-22 and would I sit for her. Well, I did it.. a visit Friday pm, visits Saturday am and pm and Sunday am and pm.

There were more cats this time; including a litter of 6 kittens about 6-7 weeks old.

I did it! Boy, was it exhausting!

I got $30 a visit, thinking about an hour each time. She's talking about another show in October. I think I'll ask for more; it took at least an hour each visit, and that was with everything going smoothly.

(Also I'm going to line up liability insurance. It was hitting me what a huge responsibility all these cats were!)

She has this cute little house with lots of little rooms, one after the other, many without overhead lighting. Some cats were in this area, some in that, and some should not get into other areas but some were very tricky about slipping through narrow door openings or opening screen doors themselves.

So It was all very interesting, shall I say ..now that everything went well and I'm unwinding from it all.

Anyway, I wanted to share this update.. and ask for any feedback or thoughts you might have and also what I should charge now that I know more about what exactly is involved.

Cheers! All the best,