Words can't express how I am feeling as I write to tell you that my dearest, most precious Major has passed on. I simply cannot believe it...I am so heartbroken. I don't want to believe it, it doesn't seem possible.

My parents called to tell me on Friday that they had been enjoying the day out at our farm with Major. He loved going to our farm and it was his second home. They are not sure exactly what happened because they didn't see it, but a man that is notorious for speeding down gravel and dirt roads hit Major. Major never got too close to vehicles that went by, and I just can't figure out what happened. While at the farm, Major mostly stayed in our yard or near the farmhouse, but once in a while he would walk to the road to sniff around..but if a vehicle came he would keep his distance. I think the man just came so fast...The man has been told to slow down in the past because there are young kids that live on the other side of the road...but he never did. I just can't understand it...I am devastated. The man was trying to make excuses and didn't even seem to care...I don't think he has any idea how much we are hurting...my mom called Major and ran up to the road and thought he was still alive because she saw his leg twitch, but he wasn't. My parents buried him at our farm that afternoon.

I haven't been able to stop crying...I just can't believe he's gone. He would have been 10 in January, but he was still healthy as could be.

For those of you who remember, Major was my dog, and we got him when he was a puppy. You may also remember it took a while for my mom to warm up to him (she was against getting a dog and I had to fight so hard to get him) but she grew so, so close to him. She said he was truly one of her best friends. Every time I talked to her, she would tell me how well they got along and how wonderful of a dog he was. I thanked her for letting me get a dog and she said she is SO glad she relented.

It hurts so much...but I also feel terrible for my family, because they loved him so much as well. My dad and him spent a lot of time together at our farm, he was my dad's companion. And he also spent so much time alone with my mom at home. He was my dog, but in the time that I have been away for university, my parents and sister grew so close to him and loved him so much. We each had our own special connection with him. I hated being away from him when I moved away for school, but I always knew that they took such good care of him and gave him so much love, so that made it easier. He was SUCH a good dog.

I wish I could have been there to say goodbye to him, to tell him I love him one last time, and to be with my family during this. I just wish I could see him one more time.

I know I haven't been active here in a long time, but I thought of PetTalk soon after I found out.

Here are some recent pictures of him.

Here he is exhausted in our farmhouse after running around at our farm.
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This is last Christmas. Major became an inside dog but stayed in the kitchen for the most part. Sometimes when my parents weren't home, we would let him in the living room.
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This spring, we got a side-by-side at our farm. This was mine and Major's first ride in it, with my dad as driver.
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He was my best friend...I will miss him so incredibly much.