He's been here less than a week, so while there isn't a whole lot of adventures to share, I'll just give you some of my observations of him so far.

We went to Dr Annie Tuesday and he got a clean bill of health, His itchies are settling down and not as frequent, and doc said it's just mild seasonal allergies. Not chewing or scratching himself raw,, but I can give him 1/4 of a benadryl if it gets worse, and he has no fleas either. He weighed in at 10.5 pounds, his coat and skin is in excellent condition. He just needed his Lyme's vaccine since the shelter does only the routine immunizations, and he goes back in 3 weeks for the booster. He got his heartworm med to get started on, so he's good to go. When Myndi passed on, I donated back to doc, the cans of K/D I still had, and 3 doses of the heartworm med, since I had no use for them. Well doc was nice enough to give me 3 doses of the Heartgard free - she paid back the amount I had donated. She's a gem! The only thing I had to pay for was the Lyme's, since the initial visit with a pet that has been adopted is free. Wolfy wasn't scared there, but he wasn't overly enthusiastic about being there either! He let everyone know of his displeasure by pooping in the reception area! And doc said he's a Pom mix too, just as he was listed, and I rather suspected too - not that it makes any difference to me!. His ears are bigger than a Pom's and he is narrower across his forehead and the top of his head too. Doc said his legs were a bit longer too, but I can't see that and he looks exactly like Myndi in his height and length and is the same weight

He's settling in quite nicely, and is extremely bright and inquisitive (nosy!). He intently watches everything that I do, like he's trying to learn every little thing that he can. He does have separation anxiety to a degree, but he's getting better. Today is the first he's ventured into another room without me being with him, and I've been able to get out of his sight without him being glued to me. Poor little guy, guess he's just making sure that I'm not going to go away. Must have been traumatic for him to lose his previous mom, but he definitely has adopted and accepted me! He's a sweet lovebug! He is the first dog that I've ever had that didn't clean it's dish when put down, but this guy's a nibbler. He eats a few little pieces of kibble at a time and stretches it out all day. I asked doc about it and she said not to worry about it - many dogs have that eating pattern (one of hers does), and as long as he gets what he needs for the day, then it's a non-issue.

He's very friendly and appears to like everybody - but must be given the okay to interact with them first before he accepts them. He will eye someone at a distance and not approach them unless Mom or Steve says it's okay. This is a good trait! He loves being outside and going for walks, and since the only fencing I have here is the tree lines, then he has to stay on a leash. But the back yard is 1.5 acres so he has lots to explore and I bought a 16 foot retractable leash for him, so he can run more or less wherever he wants and feel pretty free, instead of having me following right up his butt! But when I need to have the control I just lock it at a short length and he walks right beside me. He knows basic commands and obeys (mostly) when I use them. He learned the first day what the leash was and that he had to have it attached before he could go out. He knows no and stay - even tho he likes to test me at times and try to not listen. He's housebroken, and tho he has never told me when he has to go out, he has never gone in the house. I take him outside very frequently, so I guess that plays a part in it too. He sleeps in my bed at night, tho he will go into his carrier, but doesn't stay. I have it in my bedroom and leave the door to it open, and he goes in it on his own every now and then.. He certainly doesn't have an aversion to it. He's not a barker and yapper, but will bark if he sees someone walking or riding a bike down the road, and if someone comes to the door. He's not afraid of the vacuum and tries to kill it! He barks and carries on and bites at it when I turn it on, and barks at my hairdryer too. He's like Myndi with toys too - chews them apart and amputates body parts and appendages, and pulls the stuffing out to get to the squeaker. He destroyed 2 that I bought him and had to take away from him, and I have 2 others that I can't give him. He's going to have to settle for tough Kongs and balls and rope toys. He raided Myndi and Sparky's toy box and found some that suited him and that he can have besides a few that I got him that he can have. I can find the toys without stuffing, but it's almost impossible to find them without a squeaker.

He's already spoiled rotten, but he's a good little guy and not one of those demanding dogs. I've already spent a bundle on him with new supplies, etc. Afterall, I wouldn't want to give him a complex by making him use/wear hand-me-downs! He got a carrier (which I didn't have for the fuzzies) and I got it a little bigger than he needed so I could use it as a mini-crate if I have call for one, and for longer trips in the car, a small soft pillow bed like M & S's big one, that fits inside the carrier, the 16' leash, a new collar with paw prints all over it, a set of ceramic food and water bowls that sit in a wrought iron like wire holder, toys, the pricey food (Verus) that they feed at the shelter, 2 custom made collar tags (one with name, address and phone # and the other his rabies vaccine ID # since all that DE requires now is a paper copy). Sure - like I would ever be able to locate that piece of paper if I ever needed it - especially in the moving mess. Both The Fuzzbuttz had St Francis medals on their collars and I couldn't find one at the couple of pet supply stores locally, so I found a lot of different ones on line and ordered one for Wolfy too, and it will be delivered tomorrow. I'm not Catholic and medals such as this are associated with being so, but my dogs always wear one and I always have a St Christopher's in my car for me! In this world, we all need all of the protection we can get!

Okay, looks like I got windy again - and I said I didn't have much to tell yet??? Well you'll probably like the end, because I have 3 pictures to share. These were the pics on his Petfinder page, so I took the liberty of lifting them. If he's mine - then so are the pictures!!! - right??? Is it any wonder why I fell for this cutie?? - just look at that face! And unlike the pics that we took of him here, he really can look at the camera.

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