He is a dog, of course! Well, I meant it is time to guess what breeds make up his lineage. As most of you know, he was a rescue pup so this is just pure fun since there is no way of knowing for sure. In fact I am completely certain both of his parents were mutts... which makes him a super mutt! I've been waiting forever to officially ask this question. I've been holding off for him to mature, and since he is almost a year old and pretty much maxed out on growing, I think it will be a little easier to guess.

First off, basic info...
Size: Around 20-22" at the shoulders
Weight: Between 40-45 lbs
Tail: Long and slender with a slight curve
Feet: Typical webbing, but not fully webbed... if that makes sense.

He was born pretty much pure white and has developed more and more spots as he has matured. He is very smart, catches on quick, and is very eager to please. If it matters, he has a ridiculously high pain tolerance (half the time the only way I know he got hurt is if I find blood or some other sign of an injury).



This is his mother. As you can see, he gets a lot of his looks from her. Our vet believes she has a lot of terrier (probably Jack Russel) in her... which would explain the ears. All of the pups have outgrown her, with her being around 30 lbs. She is an incredibly smart, very lovely dog.

One of his sisters (left) and his brother (right). I believe there were six pups in total, with every one of them looking very different. One was all blonde, another mostly black.
Quick fact: The first day I met all the pups I almost picked his sister out because I thought she was so pretty. I'm glad Towser picked me first, though!

Aaaaand, thats about all the info I can think of.
So now its time to....
Start guessing!