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    What a lap puppy and a handsome one at that!!! I am very glad to meet you. I have never heard of a Belgian mastif before but I think I know your character traits and your general demeanor very well because I have a Pit/Boxer mix that pretty well fits everything your Dad says about you...except your size...mine is about 80 pounds. Your Dad says he loves you...well, of course he loves you. When I see you on the couch with your head on his lap, I see endless love and devotion between the two of you. Congratulation on being our very worthy Dog Of The Day. Khan, I hope you and your Dad have a long and happy future together. We live on the east coast of the United States.
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    You're such a handsome boy Khan!!! It sounds like you're very friendly. Congrats on being DOTD!
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    Hi Khan....What a big handsome boy you are. I just love lap babies. I would love to have
    a big boy like you. I know your family loves you very much. Congratulations on DOTD.
    I got to see how pretty you are. have a long and wonderful life with your loving family.

    Linda in SC

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    HI Khan, you look like such a lovebug!! Happy DOTD~
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    Congratulations Khan for getting Dog of the Day, you are a handsome boy and look so at home on the sofa. well done.

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    Khan, you are breathtakingly beautiful! You look like such a sweet boy, and I can tell your human loves you! Have a great day as DOTD!
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    Cuddly Kahn!

    Hi Kahn! Happy Dog of the Day to you! You're my kind of lap dog, Kahn, supersized, and it looks like you make one fine body pillow for your Daddy, too! What a big, beautiful, gentle giant of a pup you are, Kahn, and how lucky your family is, having a sweet and loving best bud, a friend for life in you, not only the humans but Cyrill the bunny and Felix the kitten too! Great thanks to your family for sharing so many great facts regarding your noble breed along with your bio. and heart melting pics! I not only had fun getting to know you, I learned a lot too! (Thank goodness your breed was saved!) Thanks for the BIG Kahn sized smiles, sweet baby boy! I hope you and the entire furry crew are enjoying a very happy, fun and love filled Dog of the Day celebration, being spoiled royally! Get dancing now! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Kahn, our very special and most deserving honoree!

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