I just wanted to share...Kyubey has developed a habit of scratching the base of the stairs in our condo. Since we're planning on selling the condo within a year, we can't have the carpet shredded!

I picked up two new cat scratchers AND a sisal rug to put where he likes to scratch, but he just moved and scratched NEXT TO THE RUG! Gah! He does like the cat trees, but not well enough to give up on that spot by the stairs. So I got a Sscat, and some deterrent...and I hate seeing him scared by the Ssscat...and the deterrent is not working.

Soooo, I decided to give SoftClaws a try, and I'm in love. He licked his feet for about 30 seconds after I out them on, and then forgot about them! He still makes scratching motions on the stairs, but the caps are blunt enough that they don't sink into the carpet.

Has anyone else tried these? I think next time I'm going to get them in a stylish color so I can tell when they fall off! Hopefully our new place will have hardwood floors so the carpet thing won't be an issue at all, but in the meantime we're all happy with the caps!