Haven't taken photos in a bit over 2 weeks, so had to catch up today. We are up in Methuen at Dad's house.

We went for our "woods walk," it is a fitness path through the woods around the nearby hospital.

Tasha, Willy, Tony and Riley

Tasha's tail got quite matted, then she started nibbling on it and developed a large hot spot. So last time they went to have their nails clipped (4 days ago), I had her tail shaved as well. Can't do it with 2 hands, this being Tasha. Four hands didn't manage well either. Took 6 hands! I had to help the 2 groomers, but we got her tail shaved. They both agreed it needed this. I've been putting medication on and the sore has healed nicely. Now just need to wait for the hair to grow back in.

Tony's coat is growing in nice an thick and healthy!

Willy's legs were matted so I shaved those when I groomed them 3 days ago. Currently he looks like he is walking on toothpicks, ha ha. I made Willy, Tasha and Riley very short this time -- I have really enjoyed having Tony in the short wash - and - drip - dry coat, so decided to do the same for the other three. Of course, they look choppy, I don't have the experience of the groomer who clipped Tony on July 31.

Tasha (mid shake) Willy ready to WALK, Tony in front, Riley behind

Tasha - with Tony way beyond her, further along the path

Tony is always on the move, he NEVER gets tired. Having a 3 year old is tiring! Here, he was running to me, saw the camera come up and took off again. It is a great move for Flyball, ha ha haa.

Happy boy Tony jogging along

Stand by, more photos and some videos to share.