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    When Freddie Peace's foster mama was making arrangements to pick him up, she called me and said that she had another black foster kitty, a little girl, who she thought would suit out household given what I told her we were looking for in another cat. She asked if I wanted her to bring the kitty with then she picked up Freddie.

    I was heartsore and a little hesitant, but I agreed to meet the little girl anyways, and O M G am I ever glad I did.

    Her name at the rescue was 'Marki the Talker' and she lives up to that admirably. She keeps up a steady stream of chirps, trills, meows, warbles, squeaks and purrs as she goes about her business. She also has a LOT of business to attend to! She is always pacing, running, leaping, playing, scratching....she is constantly in motion. It has taken me a long time to get any in-focus pictures of her, but today the light in my living room was exceptional and I got lucky three times!

    Katie is affection incarnate, though she's too busy for snuggling she checks in every few minutes to nuzzle my hands and give little love nips. She will even pause for five or six seconds if you rub her ears!

    Here's Katie! (yes her right eye is a little infected, a daily dose of terramycin is clearing it right up!)

    I LOVE her big elfin ears!

    Her fur is like DENSE and soft and silky it's almost surreal. She plays relentlessly with the time we went to bed last night he almost couldn't keep his eyes open anymore he was so tired! She's not Jasper's biggest fan but at least she doesn't seem to actively fear him, she just doesn't really like him....which is fine, he has time to win her over!
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