Indeed I am. "Why"??? - you ask. Well I will give you 3 guesses. Just a hint - it has something to do with the statement I made where I said I was done being a pet-mom. And just in case you haven't figured it out yet - I am happy to say I have adopted a new little fur kid.

I sure wasn't looking for one and had absolutely no intention of getting another dog. I accidentally stumbled across this one while I was looking for the address of a cat rescue in town, so I could take the smaller pet beds over there. I'll elaborate later, but Myndi and Sparky gave me the okay (seriously) and I'll elaborate on that one later too.

But I just had to make a brief appearance here and tell you all of my failure. It's another Pom, about the same size as Myndi, a little boy who will be 4 years old on Oct 25th, neutered and microchipped, and a real little sweetheart of a love bug and loves giving kisses. His coloring is brindle - so pretty and I had never seen a brindle Pom before, and his name is Wolfy. That's always been his name and I don't want to confuse him with a new one, so I'll keep it. He's not the least bit strange or standoffish, and he's following me around with my every move! He's a real bright and happy and spunky little guy and he loves to do zoomies! I picked him up this morning and already he's settling in like he's always lived here.

Anyway - I was just busting and I couldn't keep silent on this one. I'll get some pictures sometime over the weekend and get them posted, so that you can all see the newest Pom member of the PT Community.