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Thread: Hello from Belgium!

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    Hello from Belgium!

    Hello everyone, I registered here a few months ago but didn't get round to posting anything before now, so I'll introduce myself today
    I'm Lucy, I'm 18 in 3 months and I live in the french-speaking part of Belgium. I love all animals, but I am especially addicted to anything dog-related. I raise money for a dog shelter in Spain, where I go and volunteer during the holidays. I get to look after over 70 Galgos, Podencos, Mastins and other dogs over there and it's the highlight of my year. I love training dogs and I often get asked to help my friends or my neighbours train their dogs. My dream and goal in life is to one day become a dog trainer.

    My dog is called Inja, he is a beautiful 10 month-old Golden Retriever and he is the best thing in my life, I love him more than anything and anyone. He has been trained using clicker training and positive reinforcement since he was 2 months old and he has turned into the most well-mannered and wonderful companion and best friend I could possibly dream of. Together we do agility, he loves it, he's a great jumper, but he's very slow, he goes round the course in his own time and sometimes lies down and goes to sleep halfway through the tunnel

    Inja is the only dog I have, because I still live with my parents who don't want any more dogs, but I plan on having many many more in the future!

    Here are some pictures of my baby, if you want some puppy pictures of him, he was DOTD on April the 2nd 2013, when he was only 4 months old

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