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Thread: We Will Not Forget

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    Thank you, Ellie.

    That wasn't an attack of New York City, it was an attack of the United States of America. And we ALL have been involved in Middle East turmoil ever since, directly as a result. With many people from not just New York City but all over this country becoming casualties in that turmoil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomtzu View Post
    I should shut my mouth while I'm ahead, but I never have in the past, so why start now??

    It is absolutely unconscionable to me, that 9/11 can go untaught and/or unacknowledged by so many people in this country. Just because you live in a particular part of the country, or you don't feel that it should be taught in schools for whatever lame reasons are given, or because it didn't directly affect you or your family or your friends, is that a valid reason to look the other way??? What the hell is wrong with people????? We are the United States - are we not?????
    No, we've become a fractious polity that cannot, with honesty, be called the United anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady's Human View Post
    No, we've become a fractious polity that cannot, with honesty, be called the United anything.
    Sadly, I believe that you are correct.

    Ya know - all of this lack of acknowledging the day, let alone the people, brings to mind something that falls under the UNITED theme.

    Delaware has sent their team of firefighters that specialize in wildfires, out west on several occasions so far in this season that has been devastated by so many fires. Do they not go because it's out west and doesn't affect them, it's not in their backyard or even remotely close, their property, family and animals are not in danger, etc. Do they say "sorry 'bout your luck" (or worse which I can't say here) - it's your problem -- you deal with it? No - they unite with firefighters from all over the country and work as a team.

    United we stand - and I do believe that everybody knows the rest of that saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    That's sad - there were people from the South killed in the towers that day! I hope you mention it to the school, and maybe today - or even next year - you can have some sort of at least special moment in commemoration. Even if the kids do not know anyone who was in the towers that day, I am betting they know people in the military whose lives were directly influenced by that day. Soldiers who were killed or injured in the resulting "war on terror" would be a powerful lesson for the kids. Especially as many of those killed have been young men and women not much older than them.
    I might try. It is amazing how many racially bigoted, yet morally superb people we have on staff. If you were in NYC that day, then you got what you deserved. And these are nice folks. However no Black History month in this district. My new district is rural although I didn't have to move, and it isn't that far.

    My next point leads to another argument altogether so I'll keep it brief. We always sang patriotic songs in chirch on important national holidays. I was raised on a military base, but I don't see the difference. I asked about it on July 4th right before 9/11, at a Baptist church for which I was providing music. "no, no patriotic music here. That's them, not us." Some churches do not want to honor their country, yet want a say in the government. Let's continue this later in another discussion, please.
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    Not teaching about 9/11 is an insult to many: the police and firefighters that ran into the burning towers and never made it out; the civilians from MANY States and countries who didn't make it out of the towers or were on those airplanes; the soldiers, sailors and Marines who tried to bring AQ to justice; all the people who were part of the rebuilding and healing process. My opinions about the negative aspects of the aftermath are best left for the Dog House.
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