I don't post very often anymore, and not in the dog section as I have 3 cats. I am friends with Freedom via email and she knows how strongly I feel about animal welfare and animal rights.

I am posting this to raise awareness of the dog and cat meat trade that exists in China. Although us in the west (UK, America, Europe) are aware of the dog meat being eaten in the orient, even being a taboo subject, not a lot of people realise the sheer horror of what the dogs and cats go through whilst in the slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants that they end up in.

Please take a look at the album by animal equality on the meat trade in China.

Of course these photographs are terrible and show the brutality of how the Chinese country treats these animals (aswell as cattle and other meat) and there are a lot of people campaigning worldwide to ban the dog and cat meat trade.

By making more people aware of what it going on, the word will spread about this trade. The more people see, the more they will become passionate about ending this horrific world for these animals.

I understand a lot of people don't like looking at pictures of animal cruelty, of course I don't myself. But people NEED to know this is going on. We cannot turn a blind eye to this.

I apologise if I have offended anybody by posting this link and raising this issue. But this is something I feel very passionate about and cannot just stand by while these animals are tortured and treated this way.

Thank you for reading.

Kate (Culturejunky)