I have 2 cats, both female. Roxy who is 5 yrs old & lazy and Serena who is 2 yrs old & loves to bully Roxy.Both are indoor cats & were fixed as kittens,neither has ever sprayed or peed outside their litter box. I noticed yesterday the smell of cat pee or spray on Serena and the foot of my bed where she lays & a few days before the same odor on a blouse i had left on my bed in which I wore to work that morning. (a coworker of mine who owns 30+ cats & smells like a litter box herself- we work in close quarters. its aweful). My cat spraying started after I worked with tht person) could I have brought the odors from my coworker home that caused my cat to spray in my bed & clothes?they or she never sprayed before . The area wasnt wet but the odor penetrated right down to the matress. I was so disgusted!IMy questiion is how do I stop it? is it for certaiin Serena did this & not Roxy and why now? I know stress can cause spraying and latrly Serena has been anti social, a bit paranoid & hides out under my bed most of the day. Any advise jn regards to all of the above concerns?