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Thread: "Helicopter" parenting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady's Human View Post
    Black and white? Huh???????

    Funny, I've seen many shades of gray mentioned here.
    At least '50'?


    I sat here laughing because I love all things 'aviation' and the thought of a helicopter parent makes my head hurt.

    Just take a stool, set it up under a room fan and stick your head into the vanes.....same principle?


    Parents should be flight school/tanker parents.

    Sit the kids down near a runway, do a little demonstration, then put them into a simulator.

    Let them crash and burn a few times, then take them up for a little instruction (don't forget to teach them how and when to use a parachute......they may have to bail out?) let them solo and give them their wings.

    Let the kids buzz about for a while then, if needed?

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    Give them a little fuel to make it a little farther on their trip.

    No need to hover, just be there to give them a little help.


    About the parachute?

    Some kids will need one - flying isn't a perfect science and giving the kid a chance to bail out is part of the 'life curriculum'. No need to shame them when they do have to bail out.

    It's about giving them a choice.

    My parents gave me my instruction, parachute and wings.

    I have crash and burned, bailed out and flown higher than I ever thought I could.

    It's not about black or white, It's about how blue the sky is and being able to go as high as I want.

    And when I need to set it down..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alysser View Post
    The story of Russell made me a smile a little Never judge a book by its cover! and it's definitely things like that you remember!
    My mom worked as a cashier for years and she would tell some stories about how people would intimidate her while she helped them.

    One time she related a story about how a bunch of 'Hell's Angels' types came into the store.

    She was at the register and they got into her line.

    As she told the story she said that these guys were "bigger than you and huge" - I am 6'2" and weighed about 220 at the time.....My mom was 4'11' and maybe 100 lbs on a good day?

    She said she was nervous and freaking out when the first 'biker dude' put his stuff on the counter and started the transaction.......

    A good story would be that they held her up, took her as hostage and she was rescued by a police SWAT team, but she became more and more animated as the story went on......

    "This guy had tattoos and earrings, looked like he needed a bath, but........HE WAS THE NICEST GUY!"

    "He asked me how I was, and said to me 'Yes, ma'am' and he was sooooo polite".

    (I laughed because I was waiting for her to say she was going to the clubhouse to cook for them or go for a ride on their next Sunday get together......)

    She was so impressed by that encounter that whenever she saw a biker on the street, she'd make it a point to tell me about the seeing them when I caught up with her.
    The secret of life is nothing at all
    -faith hill

    Are you trying to punk my abuelita?

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    Richard, Your mom is the same height that the real Laura Ingalls Wilder was 4' 11". Those biker dudes look mean & tuff but they are good souls. You just don't want to touch their bikes.

    A couple years back I was alone working at the museum. It was a cold blustery day & I saw these two guys on foot dressed in suits with trench coats on. I am thinking thugs, muggers, their going to rob the place & hit me over the head with their hidden under their coats revolvers. I thought to myself lock the doors so they can't get into the visitors center NOW!

    It was to late they came through the front door. I greeted them like I do everyone else, knees shaking, had them sign the guest book. They asked if they could us the restrooms, sure go ahead. I am thinking yup use the restroom then rob the place.

    They both appeared once again in front of the counter. I mentioned the lousy weather & asked them where they were from, Utah. They were two Mormon boys spreading the good news & they offered me one of their Mormon Bibles. I had to turn them down though, because I already had one given to my family & I when we visited a church in Utah.

    So judging a book by its cover came true for me once again. Oh, us humans are so human
    The frost is on the pumpkin & I've been BOO'D by two pet talk ghosts.
    Thank you Fritz & Cassiesmom

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    I went out to do the lawn and was thinking about this thread and how pompous I am.

    I have no children, so, I need to apologize to all the parents out there.

    I am sorry I laughed at you and your child when you came over and your little one would not leave your arms and cried when you tried to put them down so we could have a conversation.

    I am sorry that I wouldn't talk 'adult' when you refused to tell the kids to leave the room.

    I am sorry that I made your children cry harder when I refused to give them a treat to get them to be quiet.

    I am sorry that I scolded your children when they misbehaved and you could care less.

    I am sorry that your child said to you, "Let's ask uncle Richard, he knows the answer..."

    I am sorry that you had to leave your kids with me when they refused to go on vacation with you - and they told you that they would have more fun hanging with me.

    I am sorry when I started to do something with them and they told me, "My parents won't let me do --------" and heartbroken when they told me, "Please don't tell them we ----------."

    I am sorry your kidlets came to me and asked me for advice because 'mom and dad don't listen, understand, get mad."

    I am sorry that I put a helmet on your kid and took them around the block on the motorcycle, Mom and Dad suck when it comes to speed.

    I am sorry that you had to work that screwed up shift and I took the kids during that time.

    I am sorry you had to say, "Behave or I will tell uncle Richard". That must hurt to know I have more sway over your kids and I can talk to them and instill more fear that you could?

    I am sorry your kid wanted a drink of my beer, I gave them one and laughed at the face they made.

    I am sorry about the time we went camping and the kids didn't want to hang with you, instead they wanted to play cards and learn how to gamble from me.

    I am sorry I showed them how to use a knife when we were in the kitchen and hope you never find out that I let them use a power drill, screwdriver or hammer when they were 6.

    There is a bunch of other stuff that you should know, but I am bound by my word and the trust YOUR children put into me, I apologize for that, too.

    Anyway, those are the things that I am sorry for and I hope that by virtue of you having children, that your wisdom, knowledge and respect will far outweigh any that I may leech from your offspring.

    Much love,
    Uncle Richard.
    The secret of life is nothing at all
    -faith hill

    Are you trying to punk my abuelita?

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    Check out the guy on the left.

    Is that what it feels like when you have to deal with a 'autogyro parent'?

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    My mom wasn't a helicopter mom, she was more a bi-plane mom.

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    My one favorite 'bit of wisdom' and bomb she dropped on us kids was this little jewel.......

    We'd come to her after some trauma/drama/stupidity that we had caused to ourselves and after we told her the story, she'd say....


    That was code for 'You should have thought about it before you got into trouble.'

    IF it was a huge earth-shaking event, she'd help, otherwise we had to sit down, eat a large helping of humble pie, then figure out how we were going to fix things.


    To this day, when I see someone doing something stupid I stop and think about 'who sent them'!


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