Oh, be still my heart!!! What a beautiful, simply precious Llama girl you are, Pearl...a "pearl of girl" in fact! My heart melted into a puddle of mush the moment I laid eyes on your feature photo...those HUGE brown eyes, those LONG lashes, that face! And then came the baby pics, the pics of you and your mommy Spooky, and reading of the baby shower thrown your human mommy by her co-workers...At that point I was a goner! But it wasn't until your "First Day" video, set to one of my all time favorite Cat Stevens' songs, "Morning Has Broken," that the tears came! What an adorable baby you were, Pearl, and what a beautiful "big-ger girl" you've grown up to be! It's no surprise to hear you've touched the hearts of countless animal lovers all over the world, Pearl! You're precious beyond words, and your family so very lucky to have a beautiful best friend in you, and mommy Spooky too! What fun your human parents will have watching you grow, what happy memories you all will be making over the years to come! Thanks so much to your proud daddy for sharing you and your mommy Spooky, your heart warming story and heart melting pics and videos with us! I'll be returning to your videos often, whenever I need a smile! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, precious Pearl, and every moment of your enchanted, love filled life! Happy Pet of the Day, sweet baby girl!