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Thread: Need your Prayers for Emily

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    Need your Prayers for Emily

    I hope this is just a phase and that she makes it through the day.

    She's not dragging, seems spunky at times, but her breathing has been labored lately

    She is hyperthyroid, but never really adjusted to the tapazole. It would rob her of her appetite, meaning she didn't gain the weight she needed to gain. She will hide to avoid taking the medication, whether in liquid or crushed tablet. There are studies suggesting that hyperthyroidism might be masking other illnesses in cats. Studies are ongoing.

    She seemed to be doing well on the natural food approach, cooked, of course. I usually fed her some sort of can fish or baked chicken.

    Lately, she's been peeing a lot and drinking a lot. You can feel her ribs, but she has a good long coat so the bones are not visible. After trying the whole-natural food approach, I've gone back to the tablets. Hopefully this is just the setback she had when she started the meds the first time. She also darted outside one day last week and started chomping on the grasses. This is a first. So I brought her in and brought her grass to nibble on. She ate it all. She tried to dart out yesterday too, but I was faster.

    Right now she is resting in the fireplace (nice and cool), messy. I tried to hold her for a while, and she liked that, but she relly wanted to sleep in the fireplace. She refused to eat at first and finally ate one small bite of ham. At least now I know where all that dirt came from yesterday on my shirt.

    She had some really strange behaviors yesterday, couldn't decide where she wanted to be. I held her a lot and then she would jump out of my arms.

    I have to go for my own Coumadin PT-INR, and then I'll be back to check on her.

    I'm debating taking her to the vet for one last time to ease her suffering, but I really want to see if she can make it past this hurdle or is she just ready to move on. It's a tough decision because I want her to live, but I don't like seeing the quality of life diminish.

    I'll keep you updated.
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