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    The Mystery Square

    Here it is - this is it - an 11 x 11 foot section of dead grass (sorry/had to post another pic with it since one was too big and I couldn't get it smaller - and that house pic is where I'll be in NC )

    Anyway - this mystery square appeared over night one day last week. One day it wasn't there, and the next day it was. It's as if someone came here during the night, measured out 11 square feet, and then sprayed it with grass and weed killer. The grass is dead and brown and crunchy underfoot. There is a small area you can see toward the interior that was starting to green back up, but that was gone again when I looked at it this morning. There are no underground lines that could cause anything like this. There is an underground electric line that runs from the garage in the left of the picture to the house which is out of sight to the right, and a water line that runs from the well in the front yard to the pump house which you can see a portion of on the right side of the picture. The septic tank is about another 150 feet back from that area - anyway - if there was a problem with it - the grass would be super green and not dead. Many years ago (about 25 - 30) there used to be a shed in that general vicinity, but the ground hasn't been disturbed in any way, such as plowing up or turning under, in over 6 years when the garage was built. Nothing!!!

    This was farmland for many, many years, and it was divided into 2, 5, and 10 acre parcels and sold off. My ex and I bought a 2 acre parcel when it went up for sale back in 1971, and I have been here since then. In that time, many strange and unexplained events have taken place here - nothing bad or harmful - but some have been just plain bizarre - and now I'm adding this mystery to that list. If I told you about some of them, you'd swear that I'm certifiable - seriously! We always jokingly said that before this was farmland, then it must have been sacred Indian burial grounds, or some horrific event took place on it. Since we have no idea what it was before it was used for farming, then I suppose anything is possible, and Delaware does have it's own native Indian tribes, so who knows?????

    I don't think I can blame this mystery square to an alien spaceship landing there, since the side window in my bedroom faces that area, and I would have seen all those flashing and blinking lights - right?? And besides that - who ever heard of a square spaceship????

    My son and I are totally stumped on this one - and maybe even a wee bit spooked too. Does anyone who took the time to read this, have any ideas at all??? It is just so darned totally weird.......
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