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Thread: Why would they do this???

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    Why would they do this???

    This is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard. Guess I won't be eating chicken anymore.
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    Ugh!! Just another reason why I am so glad to be a vegetarian.

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    Buy fresh chicken, stay away from processed, (which we do anyway) and you don't have to worry about it for now.
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    WHY????? This is nothing short of idiotic! Watch out for those chicken nuggets.

    I don't normally eat processed chicken anyway. I like mine fresh and "the real thing" - not mystery meat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvaJoy View Post
    Ugh!! Just another reason why I am so glad to be a vegetarian.
    Me too!
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    To me China has proven and proven to many times that they can NOT be trusted! They do not follow our rules for safety in the products they make and send over here. There is NO WAY I want them handling the food I eat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady's Human View Post
    Buy fresh chicken, stay away from processed, (which we do anyway) and you don't have to worry about it for now.
    There is a ranch in our area that raises and sells chickens without hormone or antibiotics. A little more expensive but well worth the trouble.
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    I wonder whose pockets were lined to create this legislation! Just a complete waste of resources and money, and dangerous to boot - as you know they are going to want the cheapest "processors" so likely the lowest paid workers with worst safety training and cleaning and caution!
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    I heard on the news that Smithfield Foods (the world's largest pork producer) has been acquired by a company based in Hong Kong and will no longer be publicly traded. Chinese consumers want food from other countries because of their food safety problems.
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